The Gonstead Examination?

The doctors at Chadstone Chiropractic utilise the Gonstead system of Chiropractic analysis and examination.  We will examine the spine and nervous system with a detailed "hands on" assessment in order to diagnose the dysfunctional spinal segments, or subluxation.  

The Gonstead Method focuses on being specific when examining and treating a patient with a suspected subluxation. The Gonstead Chiropractor conducts a thorough examination using seven criteria to evaluate your spine:

Detailed Health History:

There are many factors that can cause spinal problems – falls, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries and incorrect lifting. Sometimes posture, emotional stress or lifestyle habits such incorrect excercising, sleep and diet can contribute.


A chiropractor can gain a lot of information by simply observing your spine, its curves, the levels of your head, shoulders and hips, can all give indications regarding your spinal health.


Gonstead chiropractors may use an instrument which measures skin temperature on either side of the spine. Abnormal heat distribution is a sign possible nerve dysfunction, and thus offers useful information as to the presence of a subluxation.

Static Palpation:

is a method of feeling your spine and surrounding tissues for problems, including local tenderness, swelling and tight muscles.

Motion Palpation:

Gonstead chiropractors compare the motion between individual spinal segments as reduction of normal movement in the spine is a sign of possible problems.

X-Ray Analysis:

Chiropractors look at weight bearing x-rays for signs of pathology, fracture and condition of discs, joint spaced and spinal abnormalities. Your posture also provides important information about how your body reacts to the natural forces of gravity.

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