What is the
Gonstead difference?


The Gonstead system of chiropractic was founded and developed by Dr. Clarence Gonstead who graduated a chiropractor in 1923 after a career in mechanical engineering. His devotion and commitment to getting sick people well, led him in his desire to establish a system of finding the major problem and then giving it a specific chiropractic adjustment to restore normal function.

It was this approach that enabled him to achieve outstanding results. His reputation as the Chiropractor’s Chiropractor and “Miracle Man” of chiropractic grew as his work was validated with thousands of spinal cases, clinical studies and personal research. His idea of what a chiropractor should do: “Find the subluxation, accept it where you find it, correct it, and leave it alone.”

The system

The Gonstead System is a method of chiropractic used to analyze and care for the spine that has been around for over 50 years and has stood the test of time. It is a safe and effective technique system that is suited to everyone from infants to grandparents. the method of analysis involves:

  • Comprehensive and detailed health history
  • Visualization of your posture and movement
  • Measuring the difference in skin temperature on either side of your spine by way of instrumentation at the level where the nerves exit
  • Feeling your spine (static palpation) and surrounding tissue for local tenderness, swelling and muscle activity
  • Assessing the motion (motion palpation) between individual spinal segments
  • Meticulous study of your x-rays performing a thorough biomechanical analysis and for signs of disease, fracture and anomaly

A chiropractor’s aim is to correct the subluxation, so that your body can function normally and begin its natural healing process.

The Gonstead system of chiropractic is a method used by chiropractors to analyse and care for the spine. Chiropractors dedicated to utilising the Gonstead system perform specific and effective manual adjustments to the spine. It is a gentle and safe technique suited to everyone from infants to grandparents and is an accurate means of analysis and correction of the subluxation.

Gonstead practitioners employ the following methods of analysis to evaluate your spine:

Your health history:
There are many factors that can cause spinal problems – falls, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries and incorrect lifting. Sometimes posture, emotional stress or lifestyle habits such incorrect excercising, sleep and diet can contribute.

A chiropractor can gain a lot of information by simply observing your spine, its curves, the levels of your head, shoulders and hips, can all give indications regarding your spinal health.

Gonstead chiropractors may use an instrument which measures skin temperature on either side of the spine. Abnormal heat distribution is a sign possible nerve dysfunction, and thus offers useful information as to the presence of a subluxation.

Static Palpation:is a method of feeling your spine and surrounding tissues for problems, including local tenderness, swelling and tight muscles.

Motion Palpation:
Gonstead chiropractors compare the motion between individual spinal segments as reduction of normal movement in the spine is a sign of possible problems.

X-Ray Analysis:
Chiropractors look at weight bearing x-rays for signs of pathology, fracture and condition of discs, joint spaced and spinal abnormalities. Your posture also provides important information about how your body reacts to the natural forces of gravity.

Once your x-ray findings are taken into account, your chiropractor can combine these important factors, with your examination results, to determine which specific adjustment is necessary to adjust your subluxation.

Your Body, Your Health

With the vertebral subluxation, your joints, muscles, nerves and organs may be affected. This is the result of impaired spinal function with inflammation, lack of mobility and interference with normal nerve activity. A wide variety of bodily symptoms such as pain, numbness and tingling can follow, as well as problems with internal organs such as your lungs, stomach and bowel.

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